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We Are Open To Your Feedback
At this time would we like to say thank you to all our happy customers who purchased our vehicles. Thank you as well to those who sent us thank you letters with photos. We are always happy to hear from you.
Meet our happy customers from around the world. Find below a great number of customer's feedback we've proudly received since 2006:

  • Dear Robert

    The vehicle was received and in sound condition.

    Thank you for your excellent service

    Fredrick Kanobe

    UgandaDr. Kanobe Fredrick from , Uganda
    thanks again for the previous and the current review of our service you are truly one of our royal customer and we are looking forward to keep serving you more amazing units

  • Dear Robert

    Hi Brother,

    The truck is very nice. As you know I am in Beijing, China. The car is Maputo, Mozambique. According to my daughter, the truck is good. I will ask her to make a video to report how she feels about the car and send to you soon.


    MozambiqueMr. Viriato Bila from , Mozambique
    Mr Viriato

    I hope you are having an amazing trip. I am glad to hear your daughter likes the unit and I'm looking forward to hearing your opinion when you see it in person.

  • Dear Daniel

    It has been long time since I have ordered my truck, but I really appreciate your help and immedite and customer care, thanks.
    There are some amendment I'm doing so that it fits in our environment.

    I'm so happy.
    Mr. Januarius

    TanzaniaMr. Januarius from , Tanzania
    Mr Januarius

    I have been a pleasure working with you thru this unit it was challenging but I'm happy we were able to overcome it together and I'm glad to see that you are happy with this amazing unit.

    I'm sure it would last for a long time and I'm hoping to see you again and get more awesome vehicles like this one.

  • Dear Daniel

    So far everything has been good with the engine. I did not see anything regarding body work.

    Donette S. Morris

    Cayman IslandsDonette Morris from , Cayman Islands
    Mrs Donette S. Morris,

    Sorry, it took a bit longer than expected but I'm glad to hear you have received your new vehicle and hope you enjoy it.

    I'm looking forward to seeing you again

  • Dear Robert

    Thank you for your business. Our vehicle is great, everything is good.

    Thanks & regards,

    MicronesiaHermi Edward from , Micronesia
    Mr Henry, I'm glad to hear you received what you expected it has been a real pleasure to work with you.

    I'm looking forward to seeing you again.