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We Are Open To Your Feedback
At this time would we like to say thank you to all our happy customers who purchased our vehicles. Thank you as well to those who sent us thank you letters with photos. We are always happy to hear from you.
Meet our happy customers from around the world. Find below a great number of customer's feedback we've proudly received since 2006:

  • Dear Daniel

    My two toyota harries , three picknbuy vehicles all working well

    Cayman IslandsRicardo Sealy from , Cayman Islands
    Mr Ricardo Always a pleasure to work with you and looking forward to keep this relationship on the future

  • Dear Vince

    Hello! Car is now here in finland. Nice condition. I like it. Thanks.

    FinlandHappy Customer from , Finland
    Thanks for your comments we really hope your enjoy such an amazing car and looking forward to work with you in the future

  • Dear Robert

    Picknbuy24 is a relaiable used car export company from japan. Bought 5 cars from them so far between 2011 & 2020 their service is uncomparable.

    MozambiqueFrancis Neng So from , Mozambique
    Thank Francis for the support and loyalty over the years im looking forward keep sending quality car to you and your clients

  • Dear Joe

    It is with great satisfaction that i receive your message to congratulate me for the year 2021. I say thank you very much. Me and my family including vehicles that i purchased with us are very grateful to god. And all in circulation. I keep saying: thank you very much dear team, keep it up, always serious and with words, enriched my family, there are vehicles that are still on the road today. God bless you. Happy year 2021.

    MozambiqueCarapeto Fernando from , Mozambique
    Thank Mr Carapeto for your kind words looking forward to do business this year all the best wishes for you and your family during this Holidays

  • Dear Robert

    Thank you very much for your attention.
    Fortunately the car is in good condition, it is fine, i liked it a lot. It is much more beautiful live.
    It is far from the car of my dreams but it is what i can buy.
    Thank you very much for your attention

    best regards

    MozambiqueMaria Amelia Tcheco from , Mozambique
    Mrs Amelia im glad to heard that you received the vehicle in good conditions .Im looking forward to help you to buy your dream car soon