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Importance Of Vehicle Inspection On Arrival - Vol.199

Quality and safety are two of the most important factors when ordering a car from an overseas dealer or manufacturer. You want to know that you are getting exactly what you paid for without any unforeseen repair work or quality concerns creeping up on your at a later point. After all, even if you had previous knowledge of the condition of a specific vehicle in its originating country, any vehicle that is shipped as cargo will be sitting idle for over month; this might cause potential problems when you go to drive it or even exterior dings and scratches in the actual movement. Here are just some of the many benefits supporting the importance of vehicle inspection on arrival.

Ensuring Quality
Performing a vehicle inspection on arrival allows an experienced automotive professional to look over your newly acquired vehicle and ensure that everything works and looks as it did when it left its initial port of embarkation. Vehicle inspection on arrival involves an extensive inspection on the following vehicle systems:

• Electric System
• Transmission
• Engine Room
• Exterior & Interior Maintenance
• Engine Oil
• Coolant Fluid

If anything is not as it is supposed to be, this gives you proof to negotiate with the shipping company to make amends for any damages or contractual violations.

Vehicle inspection on arrival meets the same guidelines and inspection standards as were performed prior to your vehicle leaving port. This benefits you by reducing the risk of receiving a product that was somehow damaged during shipment and costing you additional money to resolve this concern once you take ownership of the vehicle.

Increasing Safety
By evaluating the most essential functions of the newly imported vehicle, you can determine whether or not your vehicle meets essential guidelines that could ensure your safety. If some function of the vehicle were to fail while you are driving the vehicle due to a lack of inspection, you could risk serious harm.

Safety is always the number one priority in operating any machinery or vehicle that can be life threatening if not operated with care. By receiving an inspection on arrival, you reduce the risk of your vehicle breaking down, getting in an accident from mechanical error, or deteriorating as you drive it to your final destination.

Reducing Costs
Operating a vehicle prior to the necessary maintenance being performed can significantly increase the cost of acquiring the vehicle. Unknowingly trying to drive your vehicle without coolant or low levels of engine oil could damage your vehicle and perhaps cause irreparable harm to your engine. Similar mechanical scenarios could occur if you do not put your vehicle through an inspection on arrival to determine needs and to get the car ready to drive. The longer you wait to perform these services, the greater the risk that a serious repair will need to be performed as a result of improper operation.