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We Are Open To Your Feedback
At this time would we like to say thank you to all our happy customers who purchased our vehicles. Thank you as well to those who sent us thank you letters with photos. We are always happy to hear from you.
Meet our happy customers from around the world. Find below a great number of customer's feedback we've proudly received since 2006:

  • Dear Daniel

    I am very pleased with the car purchase thanks to the help of daniel gonzalez

    PolandSebastian Radomiak from , Poland
    Mr Radomiak It is always a pleasure to work with your and the cool cars you always choose looking forward to see you around and keep getting more BMWs as great as this one.

  • Dear Daniel

    Hello daniel

    thank you very much for helping me in purchasing my car.

    I received it on wednesday 24th august 2021 from the wharf (lae), pg and drove it all the way to goroka, pg. Total of 297km and 5.5 Hours drive.

    The vehicle is in good condition. I liked the condition of the car. It is very comfortable and very reliable getting me to my destination.

    Attached is the vehicle (after it was tinted) with myself.

    Thank you very much

    Papua New GuineaLaki Murray from , Papua New Guinea
    Mr Mr laki thanks for this amazing photo I hope you and your family enjoy the car and looking forward to see again

  • Dear Daniel

    Thank you so much daniel for the nice car.
    I really appreciate the way you have sent me the car and it made me feel buying only from you. Everything was perfect.

    I brought the car home only yesterday as it was in the garage with the body worker.
    But body worker made me disappointed, ruining the inside door handle and it is seen whenever we open the door.

    Again thank you very much and highly recommend your company for those who are willing to import vehicles.
    Good luck!

    Cayman IslandsRoshan Liyanage from , Cayman Islands
    Dear Roshan it has been a pleasure helping to secure this amazing car I hope you enjoyed and looking forward to see the pictures

  • Dear Robert

    Good morning robert. The car arrive saved and sound thank for your help here is a photo of it.

    Papua New GuineaIssac Joe from , Papua New Guinea
    Mr Issac it is always a pleasure to work with you thanks for the amazing photos. I am looking forward to keep working with you on future purchases.

  • Dear Robert

    Good morning robert.
    The truck has arrived and it is now with us. Thank you very much . We really appreciate your work. We will keep in touch because we may at any time contact you again to hall us in looking for cars and also we will recommend other people to check on your business . Thank you very much . May god bless you

    MozambiqueLeandro Benetti from , Mozambique
    Mr Leandro great to hear the unit arrived in good condition , im looking forward to keep working with you and see photos on your future purchases.