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We Are Open To Your Feedback
At this time would we like to say thank you to all our happy customers who purchased our vehicles. Thank you as well to those who sent us thank you letters with photos. We are always happy to hear from you.
Meet our happy customers from around the world. Find below a great number of customer's feedback we've proudly received since 2006:

  • Dear Mat

    Apologies for the delay on response, was off island at the time, I received my car in immaculate condition and so happy with it, and would definitely buy from you again, this was not possible without you, this was the best customer service i ever had and want to thank you so much.

    I love my Toyota Vitz :) :) :)

    Cayman IslandsShayne Levy from , Cayman Islands
    It was my pleasure assisting and guiding you in the getting the right vehicle for you. I understand that buying a vehicle is a big decision.
    I'm glad you are happy with your vehicle so my mission accomplished.
    I wish you recommend us to your friends and family in your community.
    Thank you very much, you are the best.
    Best Regards,

  • Dear Olena

    Oh yes, I am enjoying the Celica - tuning it and repairing any minor errors discovered.
    The ship arrived in Mombasa port on 23rd March as per booking notice.
    I went myself to the port after 10 days and cleared port charges. After that I got the car. I love it. See photo story attached.
    I received the Celica at Mombasa port. This was clearance photo.
    This was shortly fueled and serviced before it began the maiden voyage in African continent across 3 countries (Kenya, Uganda, South Sudan.
    The car was very clean inside and performed very well on the road!
    Now it is registered in South Sudan!

    It was nice doing business with you,

    South SudanDr. Armgod Black Okello from , South Sudan
    Dear Mr. Okello,

    Thank you for your feedback and pictures of Celica. It was my pleasure to do business with you.

    Celica looks really great and whole Picknbuy24 team is glad you are enjoying it.

    Please feel free to contact me anytime if you are looking for a new deal!

    Wish you safe and good drive!

  • Dear Mika

    The vehicle is in perfect condition. Thank you so much for the quality product.

    MalawiJerald Kubangaradza from , Malawi
    Thank you very much for providing the picture!

    It looks wonderful!

    I hope you can fully enjoy the car.

    Wish you a nice ride!

  • Dear Olena

    Good night,
    I really got the car, it's in excellent condition.

    MozambiqueDinis Rajane from , Mozambique
    Bom dia Mr.Rajane,
    Thank you for the picture and thank you again for purchasing a car from us.
    Wish you safe and good drive!
    Best regards.

  • Dear Mika

    How are you doing today? well i got Mr. Paynters car off the dock today it was very nice went on driving test it drives very nice almost good as mine.

    BermudaAnthony Marshall Stoneham from , Bermuda
    Thank you for your E-mail and nice photo.
    I am glad to hear that you have received it in good condition !
    We will try to improve our quality of service and car.
    So please keep in touch !