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Customer's Voice
A Great Number of Thanks Letters

We Are Open To Your Feedback
At this time would we like to say thank you to all our happy customers who purchased our vehicles. Thank you as well to those who sent us thank you letters with photos. We are always happy to hear from you.
Meet our happy customers from around the world. Find below a great number of customer's feedback we've proudly received since 2006:

  • Dear Joe

    From the beginning, I was very impressed with the staff who treated me with the hospitality and good services. As a returning customer, it is splendid. I do not hesitate to mention her name Ms.Joe. From the day when I found the car from, she has been very instrumental and encouraged me so much.
    Secondly, the vehicle from its features up to its performance. It is indeed excellent and worth the money. Driving it is my pleasure. I enjoy the comfort, the neatness and no scratches , no dents. The performance is superb. Buying a car from is one thing one will never regret.,you are the best!

    Haakuwa M Charles from , Zambia
    Mr. Haakuwa M Charles

    Thank you always for your patronage!
    You look so energetic and nice!
    I am very glad to hear that you are satisfied with the purchase.
    Let me assist you again in the near future!

    Wish you all have a happy and safe driving!.

  • Dear Yuko

    I received toyota crown thank you very much

    HULKA ALY from , Tanzania
  • Dear Naka

    Thank you for the car and may be it is too early to say something about how it goes but my kids love it.

    Telesia Niu from , Tonga
    Dear Ms. Sione Ula

    Thank you very much for your update with nice photo.

    I am glad to hear that you kids love this Nissan X-TRAIL
    This unit is very reliable and strong 4WD system.
    So very good for family use.

  • Dear Naka

    Everything was good, customer love it.

    Keith Burrows from , Bahamas
    Dear Mr. Keith Burrows

    Thank you very much for your update with nice photo.
    This was your Fourth car from our company and I am glad to hear that you have received it good condition
    and your client was satisfied with this car.

    Please contact me whenever you have any inquiries.

  • Dear Mat

    I don't know what to say. The car is in a very good condition and it is excellent. I feel so comfortable driving it and I am so proud of it. The clearing agent, the Toyota mechanic all were amazed on how good my car is.

    Thank you very much to the whole team of PicknBuy24 company.
    I salute you!!

    Masele Mwenda from , Tanzania
    Dear Ms. Masele Mwenda,
    Thank you very much for your kind message and picture.
    I hope you enjoy driving your car for a long time!
    Do not hesitate to recommend us to your friends, family and community for quality cars!
    Enjoy driving!