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Customer's Voice
A Great Number of Thanks Letters

Listen to Customer's Voice
First of all, we would like to say thank you to all customers who purchased our vehicles and sent us thanks letters with smiling photos. Let us introduce a great number of customers voice we've proudly received since 2006. Search your related customer's voice and listen to what customers say about us.

  • ZimbabweI'm really happy thank you so much.

    Dear Aki

    How are you Aki? I'm sorry for the late reply of your email please find attached the photo of me and the car.
    I'm so happy with the quality of the car it's very good. I'm really happy thank you so much.

    Gerlinde Hauses from , Zimbabwe
    Dear Miss.Gerlinde,

    This is Aki from

    Thank you very much for your kind reply and given me the photo!!
    I think you have satisfied our car quality!!

  • Cayman IslandsI really love it

    Dear Yuko

    I am pleased to send you a pic. of me beside my new car. As I said, I really love it, and hope with me playing my part it will give me long lasting service. Thanks.

    Claudine M. Nembhard from , Cayman Islands
    Mrs. Nembhard,

    Thank you very much for the beautiful picture of you and the car!
    Toyota Vitz is really easy to drive and should serve you well.
    Wishing you all the best and a good driving.

  • CanadaOh, by the way.Happy New Year!

    Dear Mat

    Hi Again Mat. Sorry I never got back to you before now. Oh, by the way.Happy New Year! Once I finished the final touches on a couple of the vehicles that I purchased from you and Naka over the years I thought I would send you one picture of all four instead of sending pictures of just the Corsa's. The minicab truck was my first purchase, then the minicab van, and the two Corsa's which I got last year. Both the truck and the van were white when I got them from Pick&Buy. They're both yellow and black as you see, with personal licence plates. The truck plates read IMMABEE and the van plates read WANABEE. No one will ever accuse me of not having a sense of humorclol Of coarse the 2 Corsa's are I the middle. I'm sending you 2 pictures, 1 of just the vehicles and 1 with me standing with them.
    Anyway I was wondering what it would cost to ship above mentioned vehicle to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada . Again, if I purchase the vehicle there is no rush on the shipping. Thanks Bill

    William Chatterton from , Canada
    Dear Mr. William Chatterton,
    This is Mat from, thank you very much for your kind message and the reply.
    I like your humor and your pictures, that is awesome!
    I hope you enjoy your cars for years!
    You must be standing out in Canada riding in the Bee and the WannaBee.
    I hope you enjoy your vehicles for years to come, always a pleasure.

  • BahamasYou customer Services is way beyond.

    Dear Yuko

    I am very pleased and im enjoying the 2007 Nissan Skyline immensely.
    I am very please with this vehicle
    Excellent customers service
    Very informative in keeping the customers informed
    I will use your company again.

    You customer Services is way beyond.

    Paul Bain from , Bahamas
    Dear Mr. Bain,

    We are very happy to hear that you are pleased with our vehicle.
    Let us assist you once again in the near future!

    Enjoy your drive with your unit!

  • Solomon Islands I bought from your company in a very good condition and in good quality.

    Dear Mat

    I received my MITSUBISHI PAJERO IO which I bought from your company in a very good condition and in good quality.
    I appreciate you and your team for the services done to my car before sending over to me.
    I will inform my work colleague for the excellent and reliable services done to my vehicle before sending over to me.

    Selwyn Ramonia from , Solomon Islands
    Dear Mr. Selwyn,
    Thank you very much for your kind message.
    I hope you enjoy driving your car for a long time.
    Please introduce other customers from your community so we can
    supply quality cars to them as well.