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Buy Cars and Get T-Shirts For Free

We used to offer T-shirts as a free gift several years ago, it was well-received by our customers.
We now have restarted the campaign to reward our customers, by giving free T-shirts with Pick' logo on it.
We're giving away one T-shirt with every purchase, presented to the first one thousand arrivals.

Yes, only 1000 freebies! Hope you like it and hurry up to get one.

ColorRed only.
SizeXL in Japanese size.
  • How To Get?

    Every car you buy from us, you get a free T-shirt sent from us.

  • If You Don't Need It?

    In some countries, there is a risk that custom duty will be charged on everything imported. If it's really a concern to you, or by some other reasons, you may click the check box below and decline to get one.

    I don't need T-Shirt
  • After Receiving T-shirts

    It'll be so appreciated if you can send us a photo with you wearing the t-shirt. We will post your photo on Customer's Voice and Facebook page if agreed upon.