Refresh Your Vehicle's Engine!

An engine cleaner additive called Bullsone shot will be offered with your purchase of a Korean vehicle. Removing built-up dirt in an engine improves the engine's condition by reducing fuel consumption, exhaust gas and car noises.
Some conditions apply to this campaign. Check them below and get your vehicle's engine refreshed for free.

How Your Vehicle's Engine will be Cleaned

  • Order
  • Pour
  • Ship
  • Get !


  • Korean Cars
  • LPG
  • Container Ship

About Products

Clean engine dirt + Protect engine. It’s powerful substance cleans carbon dirt inside engine. Also, Lower Friction Substance diminishes engine’s friction within parts in order to enhance combustion efficiency.

Fuel Gasoline Diesel
Use Fuel system cleaner
Amount 360ml
Ingredient Polyoxyalkylene derivative Polyolefine derivative