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What Is the Best Weather for a Carwash? - Vol.403

In this day and age, cars truly are an important part of our lives. They are masterpieces of engineering that came to be regarded as more than just machines. Cars revolutionized the way we live by giving us the freedom of movement.

Through the years, a special bond has formed between us and our cars. It would not be wrong to say that having a car is a modern necessity. Often it is even more than that. People love cars and when you love something you take good care of it.

Back in the day, taking proper care of a car required more knowledge and attention. Nowadays, cars are very reliable and all we have to do is wash them and keep them clean. At first glance, this looks like a pretty easy thing to do. But like all skills, this one also has some tips and secrets related to it.

A Few Things to Consider
Some people choose the color of the car based on its "washability". It's common to hear that white cars are always dirty and that black cars after the rain look like wolves in the Zoo, powerful but sad. Basic principles of car washing are well known. You need water, shampoo, sponge, some wax and a piece of drying cloth. Other factors, such as the weather, can greatly impact the final results too.

In some places on Earth weather conditions can be very predictable all year long. In the Tropics, for example, if it's not sunny, it's rainy. For us who know all the merits of having four seasons, planning our activities around weather conditions is often important. A dirty car needs a wash in all kinds of weather and when something needs to be done, there's also a proper way to do it.

A Cold Weather Wash
Yes, washing your car is important even in cold weather. If there are snow, dirt, and salt on the roads, cars tend to accumulate them. Salt is particularly dangerous as it can cause damage through corrosion.

If you are washing your car on a cold day, the two most important things to do are to dress up and try not to get yourself wet. You should also be careful with all that water surrounding the car, especially if the temperature is extremely low and there is a chance of ice forming.

Warming up the car a little bit prior to washing could also be a good idea. Temperatures are highest at mid-day throughout the year, so this would probably be the best time to give your car a wash on a cold winter day.

Use hot water, non-freezing products, dry thoroughly and you'll be good to go in style. Generally, winter washing is more of a necessity than a good thing to do. Sub-zero temperatures and water are not the best of friends, and with that in mind precaution is advised.

Too Hot to Handle
Washing your car on a very hot, sunny day almost sounds like a fun thing to do. Actually, this is not a good idea, especially if you do it in direct sunlight. Applying water and chemicals to a hot, fast-drying surface of the car will leave your car with soap spots and water stains. Unwashed stains left by chemical products can even damage the paint in the long run if this "hot washing" becomes a habit.

However, if you have to do it, do it fast. Use a clean sponge and rinse with plenty of water. Dry it well, making sure that there is no water left on any of the surfaces.

Closing Words
As with many other things in life, finding a proper balance is also important when it comes to washing your car. Anything that is done in excess, too extremely and too often is probably going to come back with bad results.

Moderation is the key and the best weather conditions for washing your car are those with mild heat, plenty of sunshine, low winds and a forecast of clear skies for the following days. For best results, you should always wax, and don't forget to warm up those muscles before taking up the sponge.