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How Suspension System of Vehicles Influences Riding Comfort - Vol.140

Have you ever been in a vehicle that was worse than a ride at an amusement park? If so, it was likely because the car's suspension system needed major work. This system is comprised of shock absorbers, springs and linkages that connect the wheels to the vehicle. It is responsible for movement between a vehicle and its wheels. So as long as you are sitting still, you do not feel anything. But as soon as the car begins to move, you might feel like you are being bounced around inside the vehicle.

Why Good Suspension is Important
A vehicle suspension system has multiple purposes. It makes it easier for drivers to handle the car. Good suspension is also necessary for safe braking. And if that is not enough, it should be apparent that suspension systems influence riding pleasure and comfort. If you are driving a vehicle with poor suspension, you will feel every bump in the road. And it is likely the road noise will be overwhelming. You simply do not feel safe in a car with a suspension problem.

How Suspensions Work
Cars have front and rear suspensions. The underlying goal of the suspension system is to keep the tires in contact with the road surface as much as possible. The more friction there is between the two means you have greater control over steering. And this results in better handling of the car. Every time your wheels come in contact with any obstacle or imperfection in the road, it reacts according to the laws of gravity. In most cases, your wheels will move upwards which causes your car's frame to also move upwards. That upward movement causes the wheels to actually lose contact with the road for a very brief period of time. The wheels will then be forced back down to the ground, followed closely by the frame. Your suspension system keeps your vehicle moving along with no or minimal damage each time your car's wheels meet a bump in the road.

Benefits of Suspension System
A good suspension system is able to absorb the shocks associated with road bumps. Your car can properly handle changes in the direction and height of roads without the wheels losing contact with the road surface. And the suspension of your vehicle enables it to safely move around curves and corners by transferring weight from one side of the vehicle to the other which prevents your car from tipping over every time you have to turn.

Maintenance of Suspension System
There are multiple components of a suspension system that needs to be maintained. Different types of springs are used on the various makes and models of vehicles available. When you go for your vehicle maintenance checks, your mechanic will be able to tell if your springs are in good shape or not. He will also make sure your shock absorbers are providing sufficient dampening of the motion caused by the springs. If you notice your car is vibrating more often, the problem is most likely the shock absorbers. When you begin to experience problems with your suspension system, it is likely due to some sort of jarring impact such as hitting a big pothole.

Final Thoughts
Drivers must have complete control over vehicles at all times. This is only possible if the vehicle has a good suspension system. Make sure your suspension is safe by regularly checking the shock absorbers for cracks or leaks. If you notice a sudden bounce when you brake or a wobble when you corner, it is recommended you get your car to a mechanic as soon as possible to prevent further damage or avoid an accident that might happen if you lose control of your vehicle.