Welcome to Our Membership


This is a program designed to reward all our clients and help them to grow their local business as well as reward them for their loyalty and support over the years into the future.

To Participate You Only Need To Follow These 3 steps 
Get in touch with your 

Sales Representive

Purschase as many vehicles as you can to increase your ranking
Check on the 24th of every month your emails and whatsapp to know  the membership level you had qualify 

Start with 3 purschase a month.

Sharing one post of our post on facebook



400 USD Discount on the every purschase


Start with 1 purschase a month.

Sharing one post of our post on facebook 


200 USD Discount on the every purschase


Start with Registering on our website and inquiry on a vehicle .


50 USD Discount on the next purschase


Restrictions apply: Vehicle must be purchase with Maintenance Package and Maritime insurance to participate. Vehicle FOB price needs to be over 3000 USD. Picture of the previous purchase must be share in Facebook and tag us. Google review is require to participate. These conditions can change without notice. Other conditions apply.

Social Media.