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Introducing Picknbuy24 farming equipment 

Picknbuy24 has associated with one of the largest suppliers the farm equipment in Japan to bring our clients great deals in farming equipment.

From modern units

To Vintage   

Picknbuy24 got you cover, we got many units to choose from and our teams of experts would help you to find the right equipment for your task today. 


All our units are pre-inspected before departure to ensure the quality control that Picknbuy24.com is known for to provide our clients with a piece of mind.


All our units can be sent individually or in the fleet depending on your requirements and thru 20 to 40 feet containers available.


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Growing Stock

Currently we got the following equipment in stock ready to be processed by our logistics team today. 


Picknbuy24 offerings

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Cheap Tractors

Are you looking  a tractor for the work or spare parts? 


Picknbuy24 got your back 


We have the best selection of units that you are used to working that would fit your needs at an affordable price 


Call us today to learn more

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Modern Tractors

Are you looking  a comfortable tractor that take you to the future? 


Picknbuy24 got you cover 


We will bring you the latest technology from japan to your doorstep to help your business growth to the future


Email Us at pboffer@picknbuy24.com    

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Containers Availables 

Are you looking to ship one unit or multiple units?


Picknbuy24 logistic peace of mind


Picknbuy24 would help you to ship single containers of 20 feet or 40 feet and help you to ship individual units or multiple as you need


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frequently asked questions

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Which payment methods are acceptable?

Picknbuy24 mainly accept Telegraphic Transfer.


 Learn more how to do it on the following link  


 How to do Telegraphic Transfers

How many units should be minimum order?

Our minimum order should be as fully 20 feet container cargo at least. The total units depend on models (size of tractors).


With rotary tiller, 20 feet container can be filled with about 8 to 10 units of tractors. And 40 feet container can be filled with about 16 to 25 units with rotary tiller. Also about the condition of tractors, the tires, rotary tillers, and other breakable parts on tractors are dismantled before shipping.


Almost of our tractors has rotary tiller as attachment.


Please ask us the details

How should I go through the import procedure?

Don't you worried our team of experts would give you as much support as we can through this process


However, we recommend checking JETRO (Japan External Trade organization may give you good information about importing process


Please the link for more info  JETRO WEBSITE

how to buy

follow 4 easy steps


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Make payment
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Following selection. Please  pay your Invoice at bank and send us a TT copy


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farm equipment

Pick up the new equipment at your local port Authority and enjoy!

Benefits over our competitors 

Why to choose Picknbuy24.com 

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Logistics thru Japan

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Team of   
Experts ready to talk

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Quality control

Always one step ahead

25 years of experiecne
applied to Farming

Bring you our Picknbuy24 excellence service now applied to farming equipment. So, you can expect the same level of detail and satisfaction as you are used to when ordering from pickbuy24.

Our team of experienced staff would match you with the perfect equipment for your farm and help you to go to the next level..

So contact us today and let us know your need and let our team help you to find your next new equipment today.