Japanese Medical Equipment installed AMBULANCE

Basic Installment


The Modification Process

We can modify the vehicle you chose to be an ambulance.
Please see the photos below of the modification process.
Our staff are highlly skilled in body modification & body painting work.

High Standard Installment

CAR PRICE US$ 15,000

We proudly present our new original made ambulance for high medical equipment.
With same size HIACE, this HIGH STANDARD grade is more content than basic installment.

  • Interior
  • Oxygen Mask, Stretcher
  • Oxygen Cylinder 15L x 2
  • Oxygen Regulator with Flowmeter
  • Wash Basin
  • 100V & 220V Plug
  • Power Switch for Plug
  • Ceiling LED Light
  • Water Pump & Waters 10L x 2
  • 2 Seat with Cabinet Underneath
  • Safety Belt for Medical Equipment
Select a vehicle & we customize it to an ambulance.
Feel free to inquire any questions!