We Have associate with Virus Busters to bring their Cleaning services to your vehicle before been Exporting. We would Clean would sterilize your vehicle from any present virus before shipping.
Ultrasonic Mist Service
Would use an ultrasonic micro-mist generator  that would penetrate all the Air Ducts and spaces on the vehicle cleaning any present virus in combination with other deep clean techniques we use you have had the peace of mind it that your car is virus and odour free.
How it works
This powerfull Mist is hypochlorite aqueous solution and Sodium hypochlorite using commonly used for sterilization and deodorization. We have tweaked liquid to affect the Ph of the environment to completely control the spread of infectious diseases and exerts any powerful oddor.
Antimicrobial Titanium Coating
In conjuction to the Powerful Mist we use a Antimicrobial Titanium Coating tha would prevent of any virus of infection Reattached to the cleaning area Again
we would perform both services to provide our client with a peace of mind for more information ask your Sell Representative
MokuMoku mist
Titanium Coating