Fight the Cornona virus
A Mist of a hypochlorite aqueous solution. Sodium hypochlorite is commonly used for sterilization and deodorization. This liquid has Ph adjusted to a weakly acidic range around5.5 to 6.5. Since it is weakly acidic, it can completely control the spread of infectious diseases and exerts a powerful deodorizing power. Because it demonstrates strong deodorizing power and is being introduced in hospitals, nursing homes, and stores.
Save Time
Poowefull motor
Adjusted to your needs
Adjustable Power
User Friendly
Easy installation
Mokumoku Max
This mist generator uses an ultrasonic micro-mist generator that would spray to the environment about 150m2 in 30 minutes with the strength that can blow Blow more than 4m and it is adjustable with a switch.
This would allow you to sterilized large spaces in a short time.

Finally, Mokumoku Max in addition to the high sterilization ability and outstanding deodorizing power. It can be installed in such a large space in a short time.
Product Specifications
Hypochlorite acid aqueous solution
(Dr. Misty) 20L
It's a Low acidic adjusted Hypochlorite acid aqueous solution that is effective a 200ppm and the Recommended usage is 4-10 fold dilution for indoor spraying
It can last over 3 months after opening and over a year if it is keep sealed on a cool and dark environment

Mokumoku max
Dimensions: 400 x 160 x 340
Weight (without liquid): 3.5Kg
Spray volume: about 2 liters/hour
Power supply: 100V
Dimensions and shapes may vary due to specification changes.
Lightweight, compact and convenient

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Dr. Misty 20L
Hypochlorite acid aqueous solution


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Mokumoku max set
      Air cleaner

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Mokumoku max
        Air cleaner
  Hypochlorite acid    aqueous solution 

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