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Pick' Original Warranty Option

Importance of Warranty Option

Some customers had no problem with car purchase while some had. To be or not to be… that is the question. Here Pick' offer you 3 Warranty Options for your needs. Just have a look through the options below and enjoy your shopping without any concerns.

Features of Original Warranty Option

There are 3 types of warranty options can be taken out for your car purchase. What is your priority in buying? Prices, quality or missing parts? The following table shows what items can be covered by each warranty option.

  Extra Warranty
No Warranty
*there is an exception
Spare Tire
*there is an exception
*there is an exception
Jack & Tool
*there is an exception
*there is an exception

Extra Warranty

This is totally NO RISK for you to import vehicles from Japan. No Exception as long as the notification and documents are sent within time.


This standard warranty covers the same scope as Extra Warranty as long as the notification and documents are sent within time. However, there is a difference in exemption clause, coverage limitation and conditions.

No Warranty


As long as nothing happens, you don't need to take out warranty. However some customer reported that spare parts, jack & tool, audio and etc. have been stolen at the port.
Please think twice that car purchase from Japan is not a gambling game.

What Each Warranty Covers?

  Extra Warranty Warranty No Warranty
Price $300 $100 -
The Exemption Clause - Up To US$299 -
Coverage Limitation Up To The car price Up To The car price No Claims
Conditions No exception as long as the notification and documents are sent within time! We shall not accept any claims unless all of the following requirements are met---
  1. 1. The car price of the vehicle purchased is above US$1,500
  2. 2. Claimed damages is above US$300 (the Buyer shall bear up to US$299 as a repair cost per car);
  3. 3. The age of the vehicle is less than 10 years; and,
  4. 4. For engine and transmission trouble, the number of miles driven of the vehicle is less 100,000km.
We shall not accept any of the following---
  1. 1. Interior damages that are judged as minor, negligible, or invisible (including without limitation scratches, cigar burns, stains and cuts);
  2. 2. Missing or damaged interior equipments (including without limitation shift knobs, head rests, sun shades, spare tires, jack tool kits, floor mats, cigarette lighter, and remote controls);
  3. 3. Exterior damages that are judged as minor, negligible or invisible; (including without limitation scratches, tiny dents, holes and small rust); or
  4. 4. Snow tires or wheels without wheel lock nuts removed; or,
  5. 5. Any consumables including without limitation oil, fuel, tire tread, air-conditioning gas, etc
No claims are accepted
Report Time Limitation The Buyer notifies the Seller of any claim in detail in writing within 14 days after the arrival of the vehicle at the destination specified in the bill of lading; and,
the Buyer sends to the Seller the following documents via e-mail or facsimile within 7days after the notice set forth above is sent: port authority's report of any damage or missing items of the vehicle; a reputable local garage's report and quotation in U.S. dollar currency for repairs; and photos of relevant damages.
Note: We cannot wire transfer any amount under US$50.