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Our 3 Commitments for Customers

We Explain Actual Car Condition

What we do first is to figure out actual car condition. Car condition is a key element which is directly linked to quality and prices. In order to explain exact car details to customers, we carry out the following work.

InspectionWe inspect every car 3 times.

We inspect every car before Buy, Listed and Shipment by professional mechanics.

First Inspection before purchase

Our professional inspectors confirm condition of every car on-site from all the used car auction before purchase. This is the first inspection. Only carefully-selected cars in good condition can be listed up on purchase list. Then our purchasers buy cars from the list.

Second Inspection after purchase

The second inspection is carried out at our stock yard. Every car must be in Drive Away Condition. Our professional mechanics check Engine, Transmission, Air Condition, Exterior, Interior and Options. If there is a damaged part on exterior, we take a closed photo to explain actual car condition and update on Pick'

Third Inspection before shipment

The third inspection is carried out before shipment. In fact, car condition is changing day by day as if it were a live thing while waiting to be sold. That is why we need to inspect every car especially Engine, Transmission, Electrical Equipment before shipment to guarantee Drive Away Condition. A check sheet of the third inspection is sent by courier or email.

PhotoWe take detailed photos to explain car condition even damaged part.

You can confirm actual car condition through a number of photos on our website. If there is a scratch or a dent on body, we take a photo of damaged part to explain you exact condition. It's all about the customer.

ConditionWe recondition every car and guarantee drive away condition.

Imagine, you are about to receive your long-awaited car. Get the key and start an engine. Your car won’t start. To avoid this situation, we carry out inspection 3 times before buy, list on the web and shipment and guarantee drive away condition. Should you have any problem with the car on arrival, we will accept your claim based upon Claim Policy. Please feel safe to purchase your car.

We accept claims about car condition.