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Our 3 Commitments for Customers

We Explain Reasons for Pricing

This car price is higher than other exporters. Why? This kind of question is frequently asked.
We set a fair price on each car based on our original grading rule which considers condition, year, mileage, Spec and etc.

Frequently Asked Question about Prices and Condition

The following questions about prices and condition are frequently asked when we talk with customers.

QCar price on Pick' is higher than other exporters. Why?

In order to guarantee "Drive Away Condition", it costs money.
In order to guarantee Drive Away Condition, every car is carefully inspected and reconditioned. And we inspect every car before purchase, before listed on the website and before shipment. That is why car price is higher than other exporters. Our business is not supply just cheap cars in cheap condition but satisfactory cars which are worth the money.

QWhy is mileage(KM) so low?

Japanese people don't use a car to commute to work.
Many Japanese people travel to work on the train or bus, and there are very few parking spaces in Japan. Therefore it is not convenient to drive to work.
Besides, the train systems in Japan are so efficient you can set your watch by the train timetables. Since many Japanese employees work late, there is not much chance to drive their vehicles during the weekdays.

That leaves only the weekends to enjoy driving their vehicles. The average Japanese car travels approx. 8,000km per year.