Our 3 Commitments To Our Customers

We Explain: What does Actual Car Condition mean?

First and foremost, we determine the actual condition of a car. It is a key element, which is directly linked to quality and prices.

InspectionWe inspect every car 3 times.

Our professional mechanics inspect every car before the car is bought, listed and shipped.

About Our Inspection Process

First Inspection Before Purchase

Our professional inspectors carefully select and confirm the condition of every vehicle you will find our website before purchasing it from an auction.
The vehicle is then added to our stock yard, and placed on our list.

Second Inspection After Purchase

The second inspection is carried out at our stock yard.
Every vehicle must comply with our drive away condition standards.
Our professional mechanics check the engine, transmission, air condition, exterior, interior, and options of each car.
If there is a damaged part on an exterior, we take a photo and add a description to the vehicle's listing on PicknBuy24.com.

Third Inspection Before Shipment

The third inspection is carried out before we ship the vehicle.
A vehicle's condition can change day by day, therefore we check the engine, transmission, and electrical equipment thoroughly before shipment in order to guarantee the drive away condition standards are met.
A check sheet of the third inspection is sent via courier or email.

PhotoWe take detailed photos to explain car condition even damaged part.

You can learn the actual condition of each vehicle through photos and descriptions on our website.

ConditionWe recondition every car and guarantee drive away condition.

Should you have any problem with the vehicle upon its arrival, we will accept your claim based upon our Claim Policy.

We accept claims about car condition.