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  • Why Choose PicknBuy24.com

Why Choose PicknBuy24.com

  • Car Purchase is definitely one of the biggest event in life. Why people choose PicknBuy24.com from a large number of used car dealers to buy your car? Because there is the reason why people choose PicknBuy24.com. There are 6 original features that make customers satisfied. Let us tell you why people choose PicknBuy24.com.
  • Why Choose PicknBuy24.com

Inspected & Passed by Professional Mechanics

Imagine, you are about to receiving your vehicle at the port. And you have finally received long-awaited vehicle. You take the key to your vehicle and get behind the wheel. Turn your car key to start an engine. Your car won't start.

To avoid this situation, we created original inspection program that covers up to 139 points to your car. >> What is 139 points inspection program?

To be listed on our website, all the vehicles must pass this inspection program which is done by professional mechanics. In other words, only the cars meet our quality standard can be listed.

Furthermore, our professional mechanics inspect your vehicle before shipment. This is the second inspection. In order to supply you vehicles ready-to-drive, this will contribute to your long lasting drive.

Inspection Procedure


To Save Costs by Cutting out the Middle Man

Just compare car prices among local car dealer and car exporters from Japan. Our car price is obviously cheaper than local car dealer in your country. Because we cut out the middle man's cost.

If you find the same model from local car dealers and it is cheaper than ours, there must be a "reason" why it is cheap. How do they cope with the cost of middle man?

Save Costs by Cutting out the Middle Man


Spare Parts Supply

Are you concerned about lack of spare parts in your country? Nothing to worry about. Choose us! We supply spare parts. Only customers who bought cars from us can purchase spare parts.

Spare Parts Supply Service

If your car is in trouble, please do not hesitate to contact our sales representatives.

contact +81-3-4330-9090


Upgrade Option for Your Car

Do you want your car to be comfortable? Of course, nobody says "No". We are currently supply you 4 different options. You can select these option on the page after vehicle information page.

1. Stereo Option

No Music, No Life. We totally agree with this. Stereo is essential while driving. Don't you think so? You can select the following stereo options for your needs.

Cassette Stereo price $150

CD Changer price $150

2. Spare Key

Chances are most of us have locked our keys in the car at one time. Nobody does it on purpose. In case of this trouble, we supply spare keys.

Are you a big family? How many people drive your car? Purchase an extra key for your family. There are a few kinds of keys depend on your vehicle as follows.

Normal Key price $50

Special Key price $330

Special Key price $500

3. Warranty Option

Warranty is important. No one can expect what happens while sailing and during transit. We strongly recommend you to take out warranty just in case. Accidents always do occur unexpectedly.

The Warranty Covers.
1. Cost of your vehicle if the vessel sinks, catches fire or destroyed totally during transit.
2. Cost of salvation if the vessel is rescued before sinking.
3. Cost of any parts stolen or replacement of any parts stolen during transit.
4. Cost of any damage incurred during transit.

4. Refresh Package

You must be satisfied if you receive a well refreshed vehicle including heart of itself. For customers willing to receive your dream cars in brilliant condition, we provide "Refresh Package" which replaces the 6 items below. Buy Long Lasting Drive. We Refresh Your Vehicle.

Refresh packages

Refresh packages price $300


5. Fanbelt & Brake Pad

Can these consumable parts be found in your country easily? For your long lasting drive, we recommend to select this option service that replaces the Fanbelt and Brake Pad to brand new ones. In case of sending these parts by courier, an additional shipping cost will be charged. This is the reason why we recommend you to choose this option at the time of purchasing the vehicle.