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Saint Kitts and Nevis This is one satisfied customer.
Dear Aki

Thanks for asking . I'm doing fantastic. Car runs well. The car was clean. This is one satisfied customer. Wonderful job!!!

David Dolphin from , Saint Kitts and Nevis
13 August 2015
Dear Mr.David,

This is Aki from PicknBuy24.com.

I'm so happy to hear that!!!
I hope you have got satisfied!!
No worry we will provide you good condition vehicle to you more and more!!
Please keep in touch!!

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Kiribati Thanks again for your support.
Dear Naka

I now attached for your information the photo of the RAV4 I ordered from you guys. The two photos indicate more clearly the queries I raised in my previous email regarding the antennae that my wife is pointing to and the device I am holding in my right hand and written on it the word "charge" and "set"

Thanks again for your support.

Teieka Kaoma from , Kiribati
12 August 2015
Thank you soo much for your reply with nice photo.
I am very happy to hear that you have received it well condition and you and your family were satisfied with it.

This model of Toyota RAV4 is very reliable and tough.
Please enjoy driving !

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Mozambique manifestar a minha total alegria
Dear Ines

Desculpa pela demora ao responder o a vossa correspondencia, sou de manifestar a minha total alegria com o veiculo vitz que compreic com vosco por isso vou anexar uma foto co o veiculo... obrigado ate mais.

Idalecio Lazaro Mario Silvestre from , Mozambique
11 August 2015
Caro Sr. Idalecio Lazaro Mario Silvestre,

Agradeco a sua mensagem e a sua fotografia!

E um prazer confirmar as condicoes da viatura.

Espero que venha ajuda-lo na sua vida diaria e nos passeios em familia.

Boas viagens e boa conducao!

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Bahamas The car was in excellent shape.
Dear Ines

Thank you so much for your assistance. The car was in excellent shape. I'm loving every mile of it.

Nathan Saunders from , Bahamas
10 August 2015
Dear Mr. Nathan Saunders,

This is Ines from PicknBuy24.com

Thank you very much for your picture!

It's a pleasure to check the car and know you are enjoying it!

I hope you can enjoy driving it for a long time.

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Mozambique venho comprar na vossa empresa.
Dear Naka

Espero que esteja bem de saude, eu estou bem informar que recebi o meu carro em condicoes boas, ja esta na minha casa, esta a funcionar bem apena ainda estou a tratar documentos para a legalizacao do meu carro para poder circular nas estradas de Mocambique, que sao Inspecao, seguros, chapa de matricula, mas tudo isso estou quase para finalizar hoje vou receber a chapa de matricula.

Sobre servico do cliente esta muito excelentes e gostei voce e tua empresa sao muito honesto e dou nota de 0 a 10 dou nota 10 e estao de parabens, espero que a minha proxima compra venho comprar na vossa empresa.

Perai Francisco Morgado from , Mozambique
06 August 2015
Hi Mr. Perai

Thank you for your purchasing and sending me nice photos.
I am glad to hear that you have received the car and drove 100km without any problem.

Hope this CANTER GUTS will support your business !!

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