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Letter from our Supporters
Ministry of Industry & Trade of Malawi
Director of Trade
Mr. Harrison Mandindi (Malawi)I appreciated the prompt delivery of the vehicle, the follow up of the order, the after-delivery service and the continued customer relationship.
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Uganda National Football Team
Professional Football Player
Mr. Katsigazi Ronald Martin (Uganda)I got a good car as it appeared on the internet and was mechanically good so I was happy I spent my money well I couldn't get a good car here in Uganda.
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Papua New Guinea Transaction, timeframe, everything was perfect
Dear Tomoko

This is a quick letter to inform you that I have received my car here at Lihir and to personally thank you and 'PicknBuy24.com?Efor the service provided to me in purchasing it.
The transaction was completed smoothly and I received my vehicle, a MITSUBISHI PAJERO EXCEED, in very good condition and within a more than acceptable timeframe, considering it came from Japan all the way to eastern Papua New Guinea. I was also impressed with both the quality of the vehicle and of course, the very reasonable price.
I have included for you, a picture of my family and me with our new car at a local beach on Lihir.

Thank you once again Tomoko for your great service and follow-up communications, both by email and personally on the telephone.
I would be very happy to recommend PicknBuy24 and you to anyone considering buying a quality, used vehicle for a great price.
Thank you once again for your excellent service.

Best regards,

Jono Hoare from , Papua New Guinea
06 August 2007
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Papua New Guinea I am beginning to think that I got the best car.
Dear Ines

I wanted to say thank you for sending me the car on time. Meaning that your estimated time of arrival was correct and I have trust and confident in doing business with you. When I got the car, lots of people made good comments about my car and I am beginning to think that I got the best car. My family of four love the car. We will for sure get the next lots cars shortly.

To general public who are intending to import car from Japan, I suggest you should go to PICKUPNBUY24.COM because they are the best in keeping you in touch, give you discount, cars are in very good condition, good communication and friendly with customers and will assist you with everything possible to get your car from Japan to your home soil and drive away.

Kumin Rank from , Papua New Guinea
03 July 2015
Dear Mr. Kumin Rank,

Thank you very much for your kind words and also lovely pictures!

It's my pleasure to know you are satisfied with the purchase and enjoying your ride.

The car is indeed shining!

I am very sure everyone around is jealous of you guys.

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Mozambique Espero que esteja passando bem
Dear Ines

Aqui vao algumas fotografias que tirei com minha esposa junto do nosso FORD EXPLORER com a matricula (ID) de Mocambique.

Espero que esteja passando bem e, ate a proxima.

Com os melhores cumprimentos

Cido Inacio Cipriano from , Mozambique
28 June 2015
Caro Sr. Cido Inacio Cipriano,

Muito obrigada!

Consegui ver.

E um prazer poder confirmar a sua alegria.

Agradeco a sua preferencia.

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Bahamas I'm very very excited and happy with my car
Dear Aki

Thank you PicknBuy24.com for a great car I just bought from you I'm very very excited and happy with my car
a skyline silver in the name of Donovan Wilmot just thought I should let you guys know I love my car

Theresa Miller from , Bahamas
27 June 2015
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Mozambique chegou em perfeitas condicoes
Dear Ines

Ines, nao esta a perceber o quao estou feliz com a Hilux Surf, chegou em perfeitas condicoes e dentro das minhas espectativas, viajei com toda familia em todo terreno. E muito obrigado, Koshukhuro, Ndatenda kwene kwene.

Octavio Joao Baptista from , Mozambique
24 June 2015
Bom dia, Sr. Octavio!

Que belas fotografias! E um prazer conhecer toda a familia!

Mais uma vez fico contente por saber que estao satisfeitos com o carro.

E com certeza o modelo perfeito pois e resistente em qualquer terreno.

Por onde passe vai fazer inveja a toda a gente!

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Papua New Guinea i went through and trust to recommend your company
Dear Ines

Thank you. I received the vehicle in good condition except for a minor (refer photo). The cover was not on and was found inside the vehicle.
Otherwise all is just the way i saw in the net. It was a good feeling driving it and would like to thank you and team for a successful process which i went through and trust to recommend your company to other friends who are looking to purchase vehicle overseas.
Refer my photo with my two daughters who were really excited to see our new vehicle.

Christina Yaliki from , Papua New Guinea
22 June 2015
Dear Ms. Christina Yaliki,
It is a pleasure to receive your photos and I am very happy to know your family is satisfied with the car.
I hope you all can enjoy the driving since the MAZDA TRIBUTE is a very good model!

Our Team thanks you for your preference.

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Mozambique boa condicao mecanica
Dear Ines

Ola ja recebi a viatura e ela se econtra em boa condicao mecanica assim estou a espera da segunda que comprei para meu irmao.

Ivan Felisberto Mussivane from , Mozambique
18 June 2015
Caro Sr. Ivan Mussivane,

Agradeco a sua gentileza!

Mais um pouco e chegara o carro do seu irmao!

Depois poderao fazer viagem os dois.

Agradeco a fotografia e a sua preferencia.

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Bahamas I was very pleased
Dear Ines

Please find attached the photo you requested with my car.
I was very pleased with the service and the condition of the vehicle.

Dudley Francis from , Bahamas
19 June 2015
Dear Mr. Dudley Francis
Wow! What an amazing view!

Thank you very much for providing me the picture!

I am glad to know you are pleased with the Nissan Teana.

It's the perfect car for such a beautiful landscape.

Wish you a nice and safe driving!

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Uganda the car is perfect
Dear Aki

Hi Aki the car is perfect,I love it its so nice

okwi francis yata from , Uganda
13 June 2015
Dear Mr.Francis,

Thank you very much!!
I receive your photo!!

Finally I can see you!!

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Mozambique muito obrigado
Dear Ines

muito obrigado pelo vosso service gostei imenso do veiculo.

Joao Godinho Saene from , Mozambique
11 June 2015
Caro Sr. Joao Godinho Saene,
Agradeco a sua gentileza!

Fico muito contente por receber as fotos e saber que esta feliz com o carro.

Boa conducao!!

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Mozambique envio neste momento fotos
Dear Ines

boa tarde. envio neste momento fotos que comprovam a recepcao da viatura. Demorei porqu a viatura estava na oficina para manutencao e pintura ( como se ve na fotos).

Lucio Papio from , Mozambique
14 June 2015
Caro Sr. Lucio Papio,

Agradeco o envio das suas fotografias!

E um prazer saber que o carro chegou bem.

Infelizmente acontece por vezes algumas pecas serem roubadas no porto.

Porem espero que apesar disso possa usufruir do carro!

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Bahamas Thank you so much for everything
Dear Ines

Thank you so much for everything, I have recieved the car and I am satisfied with the purchase. I had one issue the panel in back of the drivers seat is broken so i have to find someone to fix it for me otherwise all os well.

Denishka McIntosh from , Bahamas
15 June 2015
Dear Ms. Denishka McIntosh
It's a pleasure to know the car has already arrived and to receive your lovely pictures!

Thank you very much!

Wish you a nice ride!

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Malawi The car is in good condition and beautiful
Dear Aki

Thank you for living to your word. The car is in good condition and beautiful, both in and outside.

Davie Gobede from , Malawi
11 June 2015
Dear Mr.Davie,

This is Aki from PicknBuy24.com.

I'm so happy to hear that!!!
I hope you have got satisfied!!

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Bahamas I was fully satisfied with the car.
Dear Ines

Ms. Ines the car is great and I love it thank you so much for all you have done to make sure I was fully satisfied with the car.

Santonya Pratt from , Bahamas
08 June 2015
Dear Ms. Santonya Pratt,

Thank you very much for your message especially since you are so busy.

I hope the car has come to help in your daily life and your studies as well.

We are very glad to have received your picture!

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Zambia I really appreciate
Dear Aki

Im very happy it arrived safely,and it is in good condition,I really appreciate..Thank you very much.

kakoma yonga from , Zambia
08 June 2015
This is Aki from PicknBuy24.com.

Did you receive the car with safe??
That very nice!!

I hope you have satisfied our car quality!!
And I hope the car helping your work a lot!!

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Mozambique Receba as fotos conforme me pediu.
Dear Ines

Receba as fotos conforme me pediu.

Melhores cumprimentos

Berino Albino Cabo Verde from , Mozambique
08 June 2015
Caro Sr. Berino Albino Cabo Verde,

Agradeco o envio das fotografias!

Ai estao os carros magnificos!

Estao tao brilhantes que parecem mesmo novos e fazem inveja a toda a gente!

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Mozambique picknbuy.24 obrigada
Dear Ines

Ensuma gostei do carro e dos cossos servicos vou conquistar mas clientes para aderirem no picknbuy.24 obrigada

Francisco Lace Vilanculo from , Mozambique
06 June 2015
Caro Sr. Francisco Lace Vilanculo,
Agradeco o envio das fotos como prometido!

Espero que esteja a aproveitar a conducao!

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Papua New Guinea I recommend Pick n Buy to everyone
Dear Ines

I was very surprised to see the quality and condition of the car I bought from PicknBuy 24. The mechanical components are in excellent condition and both the interior and exterior are pristine. I am so glad that I choose the door to door delivery as it saved me considerable time and effort. Both the car and the delivery service are well worth the costs involved. I recommend Pick n Buy to everyone and will be buying my next car from them.

Des McMaster from , Papua New Guinea
07 June 2015
Dear Mr. Des McMaster,

Thank you very much for providing me the photo as promised!

I am glad to know the shipping was fast and our PNG office was very efficient.

Wish you a pleasant driving in the PNG!

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Bahamas I love my car
Dear Naka

Yes am loving my vehicle it's good on gas it runs well the ac is very cold and it's a sexy color. Thanks a lot picknbuy24 i love my car

Deidre Harris from , Bahamas
06 June 2015
Dear Ms. Harris

Thank you very much for your e-mail with nice photo !
I am also glad to hear that you have received this car in good condition and you are satisfied with it !

The fuel consumption of this car is very low, so please enjoy driving !

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Malawi Thanks for your good services.
Dear Naka

As per your request attached is a photo of my mother with a car which I bought from your company.

For your information, I bought that car for my mother. Once again, thanks for your good services. Will keep in touch.

Liness Kamanga from , Malawi
21 May 2015
Dear Ms. Liness Kamanga

Thank you so much for your reply with nice photos.
I am happy to hear that you have received this Toyota IPSUM in good condition.

This is really good car for family use, so please enjoy driving !

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