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Letter from our Supporters
Ministry of Industry & Trade of Malawi
Director of Trade
Mr. Harrison Mandindi (Malawi)I appreciated the prompt delivery of the vehicle, the follow up of the order, the after-delivery service and the continued customer relationship.
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Uganda National Football Team
Professional Football Player
Mr. Katsigazi Ronald Martin (Uganda)I got a good car as it appeared on the internet and was mechanically good so I was happy I spent my money well I couldn't get a good car here in Uganda.
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Zambia I received the vehicle and i love it
Dear Naka

I hope you are doing fine.
I am very grateful to have dealt business with you. I received the vehicle and i love it. Thank u once more.
Find attached a photo. i will send another one tomorrow.
Best regards,

Patience Tembo from Lusaka, Zambia
14 September 2010
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Mozambique its behaving very well.
Dear ines

Im doing very fine, im happy to acquire this vehicle, and its behaving very well.
Warm Regards

Casimiro Francisco Nhassavele from , Mozambique
28 May 2015
Caro Sr. Casimiro Nhassavele,

Muito Obrigada!

E com muito prazer que recebo a sua fotografia.

Fico igualmente satisfeita por saber que se encontra feliz com o carro.

Desejo uma boa conducao!

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South Sudan my picknbuy24 for the vehicle
Dear ines

Oh dear
Am very thoughtful for my picknbuy24 for the vehicle.

Wal Deng Malek from , South Sudan
28 May 2015
Dear Mr. Wal Deng Malek,

Thank you very much for sending me the photo!

I am very glad to know you are happy with your purchase.

I hope it's the perfect vehicle for the family.

Wish you a nice and safe driving!

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Zambia its a good truck
Dear ines

the vehicle is in good condition that is the engine, the body u can agree with me that it needed sam attention which i did. i had it painted the tires were finished i got new ones, i dont hav many photos for it unfotunately bt its a good truck the other photo was b4 i painted it i see the difference.

Dan Sikapoko from , Zambia
27 May 2015
Dear Mr. Dan Sikapoko,

Thank you for your kindness and for sending me the photos!

I'm delighted to see the car after arrival and glad to know you made some changes and that looks perfect now!

I hope it's very useful and the perfect vehicle for your works.

Wish you a nice driving!!

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Papua New Guinea I confidentiality trusting your Car Sales Company
Dear ines

It has been so long since I proposed to import cars/buses from overseas; but, nervous about importing vehicles from overseas due to the scams.

However, after reading the PNG customersf testimonies on the CUSTOMERfS Voice section at picknbuy24 website and also similar vehicles sales at picknbuy website had seen running around at Lae and Mt Hagen cities in PNG, can be solution to my nervousness of importing cars/ buses overseas.

Consequently I tried triggered my money through BSP Bank in PNG and call from you that you had received my money purchased bus that I dreamed for so long.

Thank you so much Ines for your friendly voice that helped me a lot and kept me calm when I nervous about my money sent through unknown people at unknown country area!!

With your friendliness my bus refer Photos attached arrived at Lae Warf in PNG on the 11th February 2015 and get it out from the Warf on the 17th February 2015.

My bus is on the road making little money for my family pictured above without any major problems till reaching end of May 2015 now.

With that feedback, I confidentiality trusting your Car Sales Company PICKNBUY24.COM/ AGASTA CO Ltd the true customer orientedc

Wass Puluku from , Papua New Guinea
23 May 2015
Dear Mr. Wass Puluku,

Thank you for your kind email and for providing me the photos as you had promised!

I am glad to know everyone is satisfied with the car and it's been very handy.

I hope it can serve you all for a long time.

Thank you very much for your words, it was a pleasure to deal with you.

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Micronesia So far it runs ok and things are just fine.
Dear ines

Thank you,
I have just opened my email today, and i will make sure to take photo of my Nissan march and myself. So far it runs ok and things are just fine.

Maneichy Sonis from , Micronesia
04 May 2015
Dear Mr. Maneichy Sonis,

Thank you very much for sending me the photo!

It's a pleasure to see how happy you are with your vehicle!

Wish all the family a nice driving.

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Saint Martin he received a lot of compliments.
Dear ines

Mr. Roberts own words (He said to tell them he loves the jeep, he received a lot of compliments.)

Peggy Barnes from , Saint Martin
19 May 2015
Dear Ms. Peggy Barnes,

Thank you for your message!

I am glad to know the car has arrived and Mr. Roberts is happy with the purchase!

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Solomon Islands It is in good condition
Dear ines

hi Ines thank you for the Suzuki KEI we have purchased from you.

It is in good condition and it small enough for office.

I love the way your team updates me when the vehicle position is while tracking the position the vehicle was or where it is.

Thank you and hope i will be purchase another one in the near future.

Andrew Folia from , Solomon Islands
20 May 2015
Dear Mr. Andrew Folia,

Thank you very much for sending me the photos as promised!

I'm glad to be able to check the car after arrival and happy to know you are pleased with the purchase.

I hope it's very useful for your office.

Wish you all a nice driving!

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Mozambique a confiar os vossos servicos
Dear ines

Obrigado senhora Ines, toda a familia esta feliz pelo carro e sobretudo pela eficia da vossa companhia. Voltaremos a confiar os vossos servicos nas proximas vezes.

julio Mariano from , Mozambique
11 May 2015
Caro Sr. Julio Mariano,
Agradeco a simpatia pelo envio das fotografias!

E um prazer saber que toda a familia ficou satisfeita com a compra.

O Spacio e um carro compacto mas muito pratico.

Foi de certeza a escolha perfeita.

Desejo uma boa conducao!!

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Mozambique estou satisfeito com o desempenho do veiculo
Dear ines

Apesar do atraso verificado na resposta deste email, gostaria de tecer as seguintes consideracoes:
1. Agradecer imensamente ao seu trabalho e dos seus colegas da logistica pela seriedade com que trataram o meu carro.
2. Ja andou cerca de 3.400 Km e estou satisfeito com o desempenho do veiculo: veloz, seguro na estrada e confortavel. Bem hajam voces e vossos servicos.
Cordiais saudacoes

Joao Elias Cherene from , Mozambique
18 May 2015
Caro Sr. Joao Elias Cherene,

Agradeco as suas palavras e o envio da fotografia!

Esperemos que continue a usufruir da conducao durante muito tempo.

Boas viagens!

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