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Letter from our Supporters
Ministry of Industry & Trade of Malawi
Director of Trade
Mr. Harrison Mandindi (Malawi)I appreciated the prompt delivery of the vehicle, the follow up of the order, the after-delivery service and the continued customer relationship.
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Uganda National Football Team
Professional Football Player
Mr. Katsigazi Ronald Martin (Uganda)I got a good car as it appeared on the internet and was mechanically good so I was happy I spent my money well I couldn't get a good car here in Uganda.
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Bahamas its running very smooth just like a super hero
Dear Ines

I know its been a while since I have written back to you....I reach home from Trinidad and Tobago and I am enjoying my ride....its running very smooth just like a super hero....thank you so much Ines for your time and patients. and I will continue to do business with u Picknbuy.

Please see attach of photo of my vehicle.

Donella Mackey from , Bahamas
25 November 2015
Dear Ms. Donella Mackey,

Thank you very much for taking your time and providing me the pictures.

I am glad to know the car is still running smoothly.

I hope you can enjoy the ride for a long time.

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Mozambique tested at all speeds without any problem.
Dear Aki

I hope you're good health

the car I bought for my wife is in good condition, the car walked 1600km of Maputo a tete, tested at all speeds without any problem.

Mateus Silio Dias from , Mozambique
25 November 2015
Dear Mr.Mateus,

Thank you very much for your good photo and good comment to us!!
Please use the car with safe drive!!

In the future, If you need another car.
Please remember us PicknBuy24.com.

We continuously supply you good condition cars to you.
Also if you have any friends who are looking for import Japanese cars with high quality like you.
Please let us know!!

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Papua New Guinea my Car comes in a very good condition.
Dear Aki

Hi all, my car arrived last week and was successfully cleared by a customs agent yesterday. I was so glad to see my Car comes in a very good condition.
That's really great. I am a new customer but the service that Picknbuy24.com provide is really wonderful. I am looking forward to go back to them in a nearer future. Thank you so much Picknbuy24.com.

Steven Boping from , Papua New Guinea
23 November 2015
Dear Mr.Steven,

Thank you very much for your good photo and good comment to us!!
Please use the car long time!!
And please advertise our company to your friends!!
We keep provide good condition cars to you!!

Thank you very much!!

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Mozambique eu recebi o carro em muito boas condicoes
Dear Ines

Bom dia Ines. Votos de bom domingo. Me perdoe. Andei viajando nestes dias. Veja que vivo a cerca de 500 km de Maputo. Olha, eu recebi o carro em muito boas condicoes que me deixa satisfeito. O carro chegou em Maputo no dia 11 de Novembro bronze e no dia 11 tirei o carro do porto. Ai vao as imagens.

Pedro Rafael from , Mozambique
22 November 2015
Caro Sr. Pedro Rafael.

Agradeco o envio das fotos.

E um prazer poder constatar que a viatura se encontra em muito boas condicoes!

Esta muito brilhante.

Mais uma vez agradeco a sua compra e a confianca que deposita em nos.

Boa conducao!

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Palau everythings perfect
Dear Naka

Hi how are you, i am fine, Sorry for the late reply, i bought this car for my husband, oh man he really loved the car, very good condition, runs smoothly everythings perfect.
Thank you so much for everything, i am planning to buy my own car in the future.

Joren Inglong from , Palau
20 November 2015
HI Ms. Joren Inglong

Thank you very much for your update and nice photo !
It is very nice location and view !

We will continuously improve our quality of car and service.
So please keep in touch !

if you need any support in the future, please do not hesitate to contact me.
I will support you with my best !

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